Frequently Asked Questions

Do we hold dates?

Yes, the Opera House will hold a date for you for one week (7 days). Due to our high volume of activity it's important you confirm your date being held before the seven day period expires. You can contact us by phone, in person or by e-mail. If we have not heard from our client by the eighth day, the hold will be removed from our booking calendar.

What secures a date?

A date is secured when a contract has been completed and signed, accompanied by one-half of the facility rental cost for your event.

How much is the security deposit?

A deposit of $500 is due 15 days prior to your event. Our office will issue a refund check within 30 days. However, if during your event damages or other costs were incurred to the Opera House, the cost will be subtracted from your deposit refund.

What happens if I cancel my event?

The current contract states that any cancelation must be provided in writing by the contract holder. All room payments are non-refundable.

What is the number of guests permitted to attend the Opera House?

The Grand Hall can accommodate 240 people banquet style with round tables and 8 foot tables. A round table will seat up to 8 people. If the Grand Hall is to have chairs setup for a ceremony or performance in theater style, chairs can be setup to accommodate 300 people.

The Terrace Level can accommodate 140 people sitting at round tables. If you choose to have a dance floor on the Terrace Level you would be comfortable seating 108 people with 8 people to a round table.

Can you accommodate wheelchair bound guest?

Yes, the Opera House is wheelchair accessible. For access into the Grand Hall we have a ramped entrance into the building. Those guests using the Terrace Level can drive down the back driveway to the Terrace Level.

What about caterers?

We suggest that you use a caterer from our pre approved list that is on our Resources Page - it makes things much easier for you. All caterers pay us a fee of 15% of food costs. If your caterer is not on the list, they have to provide copies of their kitchen license and liability insurance. Any food coming in from a licensed, but non-contracted, kitchen will be required to pay a per person fee which will be collected before your event.

Is alcohol allowed at an event?

The Opera House allows alcoholic beverages to be served at rental events. You are responsible for complying with Michigan state laws pertaining to the serving and use of alcohol. There will be no cash bars allowed without a state license permit, which will be your responsibility for obtaining. The Opera House currently does not have a House bartender. The bar must be maintained at all times by a certified bartender or professional bartending service.

Is smoking allowed inside the building?

No, the Opera House is a smoke free facility. There are smoke alarms installed throughout the building. We have ashtrays outside on both levels. Anyone found smoking inside building will be asked to leave the facility.

Are there dressing rooms available?

The Opera House has two rooms available for the bride and her party to dress which is secure from public entry. Our mens restroom provides adequate dressing area for the groom and his party.

Will there be an Opera House staff member on duty during my event?

Yes, the Opera House provides an Activity Host at your event.

What methods of payment are acceptable?

Your rental fees can be paid using check, money order, cash or Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. After making your down payment, you can arrange monthly payments until the balance is paid in full.

Can I have music at my event?

Yes, you may use your choice of musician or DJ service. The City of Grand Ledge has an ordinance which requires music to move inside the building at 10:00 p.m. Our sound system is available to rent. We have WiFi availability which you may connect with. We recommend you make prior arrangements with the office to test your equipment. Opera House staff will not be available to operate your music/equipment.

Do I have access to the patio and garden area?

If you rent the Terrace Level, you have access to the patio, gazebo and the lawn area adjacent to the river on the North side of the building. The party renting the Grand Hall does not have access to any of the outside patio or garden area.

Does the Opera House set up for our event?

Yes, after completing and signing your rental contract, we will provide you with an occupancy schedule and floor plan. This will provide us with the necessary information needed to setup for your event and what our staffing requirements will be. We do require you to have your occupancy schedule and floor plan to us 15 days prior to your event. We are strict about the 15 day period for your occupancy schedule and floor plan setup. By not submitting your occupancy schedule and floor plan as required you could jeopardize your event being properly setup and staffed.

We do provide tables and chairs. One set up is included in the cost of the hall rental. Multiple room set ups can be added for the day for additional cost. We do not provide linens for weddings.

Will the Opera House decorate for my event?

No, you are responsible for decorating the hall for your event. We will assist you when possible, but we do not provide decorating services. Referrals for a professional decorator can be provided upon request. When decorating, we ask you comply with our rules and policies as noted in your contract. You will be responsible for any damage occurring during your event to the building, equipment or premises.

Will I need insurance for my event?

Yes, the Opera House does require a certificate of liability in the amount of $300,000. Normally, this is obtained for a 24 hour period by your Homeowners or Renters insurance agent. One day liability insurance may also be purchased online, ask us for a list of companies.

Can I be married outside on the patio or garden area?

If you have rented the Terrace Level, you can have your wedding ceremony outside on the patio, in the gazebo, gardens or on the lawn. We do not provide any canopy protection from the weather. We strongly recommend you plan for weather conditions if your wedding or event is to be conducted outside. If you do plan to use our outside premises, you will be required to have a floor plan for accommodating your guests if weather conditions do not permit an outside wedding.

We can give you referrals where you can rent canopies. We will make every attempt to have your wedding outside, but we will not jeopardize damage to our sound equipment and furniture due to weather conditions. If you attempt to have your event outside and the weather conditions prohibit your ceremony from occurring outdoors, there may be a surcharge for the resetting of chairs and/or tables.

We will place chairs on the patio for you at no charge, however there is a fee for chairs placed in the grass. We have a limited number of chairs we provide for use on the lawn. If additional chairs are needed for your event for the lawn or patio, it will be your responsibility to provide the chairs.

We do not have any jurisdiction over the public when it comes to traffic on the bridge, overlook, river or river walk. We are not responsible for these areas, since they are public property.

Is there ample parking?

The Opera House parking lot will accommodate 45 vehicles. Across the street from the Opera House there is a City parking lot which can also be used along with street parking.

Are pets allowed at the Opera House?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at the Opera House due to liability reasons.

What type of candles can be used at the Opera House?

Candles may be used but they must be covered or enclosed with a hurricane shade or within a bowl, etc. Candelabras or Unity candles can be used during a wedding service but the flames must be extinguished immediately thereafter. Battery operated candles are recommended.

Can rice be used at the Opera House?

No rice, bird seed, confetti or similar material may be thrown, scattered or distributed in the Opera House or on Opera House property. Silk petals may be used indoors and real flower petals outside for the bridal party entrance.

Is it possible to use an outside grill for cooking?

Yes, your caterer can use a grill outside for cooking. Certain requirements must be made with the office prior to setup of any grills on Opera House premises.

Outside burning patio torches permitted?

No, burning of patio torches are not permitted on the premises due to fire prevention precautions and liability issues.

What is the attendance capacity?

The tenant must not admit to the Opera House more persons than the space under lease can accommodate, as determined by Federal, State and Municipal fire and safety rules. The Grand Hall is limited to 240 persons and the Terrace Level to 140.

What decorating materials can be used?

All decorative materials must be non combustible or flame resistant in accordance with NEPA 701. Decorative materials are defined as curtains, draperies, streamers, fabrics, cotton batting, straw, hay, vines, leaves, stalks, trees and moss, including surface covering applied over interior finishes for acoustical or decorative purposes.