The Opera House has partnered with area companies to provide the best experience for your event. These trusted professionals have been pre-approved and are familiar with all our facilities.

Statement of Contracted Caterers

The Grand Ledge Opera House Authority provides this directory of caterers as a courtesy for those who are planning an event at the Opera House. The following caterers have catered events at the Opera House in the past and have been instructed by Opera House management the rules and regulations.

If you prefer to engage caterers not under contract with the Opera House, then those caterers must meet our qualifications and notification must be given to the Opera House no less than 90 days prior to event date. We strive to have caterers at the Opera House that provide a high quality of performance.

Caterers shown on this directory have provided the Grand Ledge Opera House Authority with both Proof of Liability Insurance and State of Michigan License issued by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. These caterers are aware of the required 15% fee policy. Caterers are required to have a Catering Contract with the Opera House and agree to abide by the Eaton County Health Department regulations as they apply to the facility. The Opera House provides two warming kitchens. Only precooked and prepared foods are allowed to be served here.

We want to thank you for using the Grand Ledge Opera House for your event. We take pride in the quality of service provided in this unique and historic facility.

A Catered Affaire
218 W. Ottawa Street
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: 517-372-7370
Crossroads BBQ
221 Bridge St.
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: 517-627-0555
Adeline Leigh Catering
1132 Chicago Drive SW 
Wyoming, MI 49509 St. 
Phone: 616-452-1403 
Professional Party Planners
1117 Pine St.
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: 517-627-5493
Country House Catering
3056 OkemosRoad
Mason, MI 48854
Phone: 517-349-9500
16441 US 27 Hwy
Lansing, MI 48906
Phone: 517-372-0217
Diana's Catering
10807 Lakeside Drive 
Perrinton, MI  48871
Phone: 989-682-4547
SaitesBros. Caterers
379 Wright Industrial Parkway
Potterville, MI  48876
Phone: 517-645-7879
Finley's Grill & Smokehouse
7433 West Saginaw
Lansing, MI  48917
Phone: 517-323-4309
Gator's Grill
2645 Linden St.
East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone: 517-204-4971
Swede's Grill 
89 Grand Ledge Highway
Mulliken, MI  48861
Phone: 517-449-3246
Morton's Fine Catering
2405 East Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI  48912
Phone: 517-339-7255
J & K Steamboat/Catering
PO Box C
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
Phone: 517-627-2154
Taste of Heaven Catering
13756 KeeferHighway
Sunfield, MI 48890
Phone: 517-566-7059
Kamp'sCatering, LLC
6801 E. Price Rd.
St. Johns, MI 48879
Phone: 517-797-9100
Wanda Lee Catering 
2294 SkeetereLane
Dansville, MI  48819
Phone: 517-388-3524